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By Contacting CBSI, you will be taking the first step to potentially hundreds of dollars on insurance.

"Thank you for the incredible service that you have provided me since my flood. I have never experience such personal and supportive help from any insurance agent. Not only have you been able to save me hundreds of dollars on the most comprehensive insurance coverage throughout the year, but you were there to take care of me in my time of need."

- Lynn Cote, Education Consultant

"Steve I want you to know that I have been very pleased with the quality of service that you and your company have provided. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. I want to thank you for all that you do for me and for always looking out for the best interest of my company. I recommend you and your company to others because of my total satisfaction with your service. You are a stand up guy a wonderful agent and also a friend. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come. Thank you for everything."

- Nour Ayoub, Optimum HVAC

"I have worked with Steve Griffin for a number of years regarding personal and professional insurance needs. Steve has been diligent in making sure that our coverage was not only adequate based upon current assessment, but that it would also anticipate future needs. He is a strong advocate of providing detailed information and guidance in multiple aspects of operating a small business, and goes "above and beyond" in providing exceptional customer service. Most importantly, his ethics have always proven to be unquestionable, and he stands by his commitment to doing what is in the best interests of his client."

- Singer & Boatner Consultants, LLC


"Steve and Anthony were more than just consultants on my major proposal for a vineyard homes project, they were more like collaborators and partners. They were with me every step of the way, from initial development of the concept, to building a complex project/business plan. Anthony not only built our 50-plus-page plan, but also developed a multimedia presentation video for prospective investors to see...truly professional work! I will use their services again for my next big project!"

- Mark McHone, President, and J.D. Power Award Winner

CSL Builders, LLC

"Whether you believe you can or that you cannot, either way, you are correct."

 - Henry Ford


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